Monday, December 16, 2013

Ravens Lions Recap

Justin Tucker after hitting a massive 61 yarder for the Ravens to edge the Lions.
Somehow, someway, the Ravens just find a way to win. Even in the most improbable of circumstances they find a way to survive. Tonight the defense and Justin Tucker shined, assisted with some timely throws from Joe Flacco and big catches by Jacoby Jones.
After the Lions first drive Ravens fans thought they were in for a long night. The Ravens followed up that scoring drive with a three and out of their own but then the defense took over. The Ravens Defense limited one of the NFL's most explosive offences to one touchdown for the first half. Even though the Ravens were able to limit the Lions scoring chances Detroit's 3rd ranked red-zone defense held stout. The Ravens offence could only muster nine points behind the prowess of Justin Tucker's leg. 
In the second half the Ravens defense kept Matthew Stafford on edge starting with an interception in the third quarter by defensive end, DeAngelo Tyson. The Ravens offense still couldn't get it going in the third quarter putting up one more field goal. They ended the third quarter leading 12-10. Keeping with recent trends we were all in for a wild finish to the game. The Ravens added another field goal with 8:06 left in the 4th then put the game into their defense's hands. The defense allowed Stafford to orchestrate a touchdown drive capped off by a 14-yard strike to tight end Joseph Fauria. The lions would then fail to score on the ensuing two-point conversion.
Joe Flacco and the ravens then got the ball with 2:33 left and Joe did what Joe did best. He marched the ravens down the field with two huge catches by Jacoby Jones. But then it was time for Justin Tucker to work his magic. Tucker nailed a 61 yarder with 46 seconds left to put the Ravens up two. They then had to kick it back to the Lions and give Matthew Stafford one more shot which he squandered by throwing an interception to rookie safety Matt Elam to seal the ravens 18-16 win.

Up next for the Ravens are the New England Patriots at home on Sunday. The Ravens now control their own destiny and can end the season with an AFC North division title. This is a team getting by on hope and grit and even thought their sometimes sloppy they are winning. Since the bye the Ravens have went 5-2 to put themselves back into the playoff picture. This is a team nobody wants to face right now.


  1. Chuck- very good start. I've been blogging for over a year now and its a lot of fun. Here are my suggestions: 1. Blogs thrive on humor. People like reading funny and interesting approaches about things. When people are reading a blog, they are making the choice to read a personal approach opposed to more traditional media. 2. Have an angle. It helps, especially when you are covering a wide range, to have a specific angle or approach to what you are blogging about. It adds focus to your writing. 3. Take advantage of the blogger template. Use tags, links to related posts, and include the widget to follow your blog so fellow bloggers can constantly be updated about your work.
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    1. Thanks for the info Dan. This was basically me ranting for an hour to see what came up. Also what would your blogsite reccomendation be because i wanted to test a few before establishing it.

    2. This is a team getting by on hope and grit and even though they're sometimes sloppy, they win.

    3. I personally enjoy blogger the best. I think wordpress has nicer templates, but it is slightly more difficult to use (at least for me). I started with blogger and its most familiar. Plus, it is really easy to personalize and include add-ons.